The Peoples Medicine

By Sarah Wang

Cannabis, the powerful and versatile master plant is believed to have co-evolved with us humans, finding “a way to produce chemicals that give us pleasure, like THC, thereby seducing us into cultivating it and spreading it– a strategy that allowed cannabis to piggy back on humans as we’ve settled all over the world.” Almost 5000 years ago the earliest reference for cannabis was written by Emperor Fuxi. He was said to be a shaman who could tame animals with telepathy. He received much of his inspiration from nature and invented and perfected arts like fishing, trapping, cooking, the calendar, angular measurement, music and writing. He references cannabis as having qualities of both yin and yang. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the energetic qualities of plant medicine is very important to consider before you use it for any condition. Cannabis is such a versatile ally if you consider her qualities in aiding with either energy or sleep, ability to be administered to children or elderly, treating mind or body, or used to relieve stress and anxiety or spark creativity. A Chinese shamans grave was discovered from almost 2700 years ago in the north west region of China. The archaeologists discovered nearly two pounds of dried plant material along with the shamans tools. The flower was believed to have been harvested at the time of the burial and contained high traces of psychoactive THC which had converted in to high levels of CBN over time. The use of cannabis spread from China to India to North Africa then Europe.

Meanwhile in the U.S. our forefathers also cultivated cannabis for both industrial and medicinal use. Thomas Jefferson smuggled cannabis seeds from China to France then back to the U.S. as noted in his journal. Industrial hemp was used for the production of textiles, paper, oil, paint, and industrial plastics. Henry Ford of Ford Motors was a pioneer for using hemp gasoline and plastic hemp paneling for a model of cars. In 1914 the $10 bill was printed on hemp paper and the back of the bill portrayed farmers plowing hemp.


In Virginia, it was considered illegal at one point in time for farmers not to grow hemp and farmers who didn’t comply were taxed heavily. So when did our love affair with this giving plant change?

In the 1920s there was an influx of Mexican immigrants coming into the American South West post Mexican Revolution, some of whom smoked recreational cannabis. Sailors and West Indian immigrants also used cannabis and brought the practice to port cities along the Gulf of Mexico. The plant was also cited as being used by African-Americans, jazz musicians, prostitutes, and underworld whites. The 1920’s was also the era of the great depression so this paired with racism and anti-immigrant propaganda sparked fear of “reefer madness”. In 1930 the Federal bureau of narcotics was created, and in 1937 Marijuana Tax Act written into bill. Thus cannabis becomes illegal and the US pressures other nations at a UN conference to also criminalize the plant.

To this day cannabis is still considered a Schedule 1 drug on the federal level, disproportionately affecting communities of color even though many states have already or are on the path to medical and recreational legalization. How do we reconcile and heal our communities who have been affected by the criminalization of this plant? For one we can support small businesses owned by people of color to allow them an equal playing field with wealthy corporate investors, big tobacco and liquor who are inevitably investing in this growing industry. There are also several organizations advocating and creating space for diversity in the cannabis industry listed below:

Cannaclusive- Support diversity, inclusion, and education in the cannabis industry.

Women Grow- Focused on female leadership in the cannabis industry.

Minority Cannabis- Increase representation of minorities among cannabis business employees, owners and investors.

Supernova- An advocacy group creating space for women of color in the cannabis industry.

We can also honor this master plant by using her medicine wholistically and creating supportive communities with one another to share resources for helping our loved ones who suffer from ailments in which cannabis can be of aid. Medicine can be expensive especially once big pharma gets their hands on it. The most expensive cannabis medicine is that which has been extracted to a point beyond recognition, ie: the isolates and concentrates. There are many ways to make our own herbal preparations at home as our ancestors have been doing long before us such as infusing flower or trim in oil, alcohol or tea and extracting its medicinal properties with the processes of heat or time. Whatever the method just remember that even through decades prohibition and bureaucracy, cannabis remains the people’s medicine worldwide.

Sacral Cycles Connection

Every month blood flows and there is no injury, every month blood flows and there is no violence, every month blood flows and there is regeneration, rebirth.

Art by : Maa-Mariaa

Art by : Maa-Mariaa


I open in gratitude for all the individuals connecting with the natural wisdom of their organism. Thank you for overcoming conditioned fears, aversions and judgement about the body and its cycles... 

This nourishes a collective evolution in which we reclaim our natural rites...

Our natural rite to feel pleasure and give pleasure, our natural rite to grieve and transform, our natural rite to witness death and accompany the process of decay, our natural rite to give birth at our pace in our space, our natural rite to heal in connection to the land with the aid of plant relatives, our natural rite to chose consciously if we want to make any of the aforementioned a medical procedure or not.

The majority of the worlds people still exist within conditions that obstruct a connection with self and environment. Meaning most people don’t have a direct experience of listening, receiving and responding to a communication of their own bodies, much less to that of the natural environment around them. Other people do have this inherent connection, they do feel and receive the communications of their organisms, but do not feel they have the resources, means, education or power to respond beneficially.

What I am currently realizing is that as I deepen sacral regenerative practices I am met with its opposite- people who express disgust, discomfort and rejection of their bodies and its cycles. Hearing things such as, “why are you so interested in those things, it’s weird”, “I hate my period, it’s so gross and uncomfortable”, “she’s so annoying when its that time of the month”. “I just take a bunch of tylenol”, “Women bleeding is the biggest turn off” I begin to understand I am being called to develop my ability to witness such distortions without judgement, without taking it personally and without trying to force change in that moment. 

Change will come naturally, as we relax, release and receive... like an orgasm ;)

Invoking the powers of this web that connects us through its social technologies, I come to share something that has  transformed me… It wasn't until three years ago that I began to truly heal with the Sacral Cycles of my body, and so I extend the harvest from my journeys here with you now...


The average length of a Menstrual Cycle is 28 days, this is the time span from the moment you begin bleeding, then into the following month when you begin to bleed again.

It can vary between 24 -36 days depending on the individual. Within this time, what is normal or healthy is very much unique and dependent to you, which is why its so beneficial to map our cycles and understand our rhythms.  

On average the bleeding time lasts 3 to 6 days. From what I understand and have observed within myself, anymore or less than this usually indicates something is out of balance. My personal bleeding averages 5 days. Day 1, I begin a gentle flow. Day 2-3, I peak at my highest flow and Day 4-5, my flow reduces and darkness until there is no more sign of bleeding by the end of Day 5.

{Energetically during this time I am neutral, at times feeling heavy, other times relieved and light and other times just still. I do not have much desire to be very physically active, however I am mentally very engaged. I tend to write a lot during this time and find it very easy to focus while reading. When I can, I sit on the earth and create sacred time and space to allow myself to flow into her. I massage my feet, my legs, and often my partner gravitates toward my womb space and gently caresses and massages me. Emotionally I am sensitive and aware, feelings surface that aren't pleasant but I recognize them to be opportunities for me to see clearly what tends to lurk in the depths, they are unconscious frequencies that drive my behavior in other moments. For example, Shame, Insecurity, Jealousy, Comparison and Escapism come up a lot for me cyclically. They are ancestral wounds. Just as there is spiraling evolution, there is also spiral healing, higher planes and finer frequencies of 'the shadow' to move through. In recognizing that my physical bleeding is a cleaning release I engage my emotional body to clean and release. This doesn't mean that just because I want to release or transform an emotional pattern of insecurity that it will all leave my being during this time, rather it's like a muscle that I am working to make stronger and more flexible, I work with it every month. Spiritually I am in deep connection with my guides and the archetype of the Wise Woman Elder. I feel the presence of my paternal grandmother who has ascended and receive guidance through her personification. At times this looks like me sitting in front my altar in song, breath and prayer and through this engagement receiving transmission and other times I am doing the daily 'mundane' things of life and something like a surge of clarity, revelation or simple warmth permeate me and I am reminded of the powerful force that I am vessel of.}

I am going to be referring to this map as I continue writing - I encourage you to use it to conceptually to understand the more physiological information I am sharing but to remember your cycle is unique and whether it looks like mine or not is not important. What is important is that you feel capable of observing yourself and creating your own with this as a foundation and guide. 

After our last day of bleeding we are in the FOLLICULAR PHASE of our Ovarian cycle. We are developing Follicles, which are 'pre-eggs'. There is a rise in FSH which stands for Follicular Stimulating Hormone, that stimulates the Follicles in the ovary to mature in order to become an egg aka Ovum that will be released at about day 14 of the cycle  during Ovulation. During this time there can be more cervical fluids present and the PH of our Vulva and Vaginal canal increases as this creates a better environment for sperm to survive in.

Days 10 - 13 tend to be Fertile Times. Sperm can potentially survive up to 72 hours in a woman so it is VERY IMPORTANT as you begin mapping your cycle and getting familiar with recognizing what phase your body is in to not play around with receiving sperm during potentially fertile times if your are not ready to possibly become pregnant. 

{Energetically after bleeding I tend to feel completely rejuvenated and excited. This is a time for me to be a pollinator, I am social and feel very capable of expressing myself clearly and fluidly. I enjoy feeling my body in all of its expressions I dance a lot, work with my nani eggs aka yoni eggs, bike, sing, and enter full on creative mode. This is usually a time I have realized where I complete things that have been in process, it's also a time I've noticed when I present things, for example curiously when I have performed live or presented work in public it tends to fall during this time of my cycle. I am also very sexually active. I am in a committed, monogamous relationship and energetically we are very attuned to connecting and exploring during this time. Emotionally  I feel very clear and balanced. After the deep cleanse and release of bleeding I am in bloom with my feelings, knowing that they are rooted in deeper practices and not just whims of the moment that might be easily disturbed later. I notice that during this time I am especially able to hold space for other people, to listen deeply and support in their needs, feeling strong and rooted myself allows me to then extend myself in this way for others. Spiritually  I am flowing, its as if prayer and life are seamlessly one. There isn't this need to 'create space' to honor spirit, rather every action is imbued with this offering I am living and it is in service to the collective.} 

Day 14-15 OVULATION This is an incredible moment - I am in awe of how intricately masterful our bodies are. During ovulation a mature follicle is released from the Ovary, the Uterine tubes which have tentacle like fingers begin to beat, creating a vibrational pulse that suctions the Ovum in and there it will remain waiting for a Sperm friend to fertilize it for up to 48 hours. 

{Energetically I am ready to receive! literally. My body wants to be touched, smelled, held, loved, admired...and I can do this for myself through giving myself fully to the craving of my being. For example going to the ocean and feeling the pure life force of the waves, or going for a walk through the woods and allowing my feet to feel the pulse of the earth as I eat straight from the environment that I am in. Of course I also want to unite physically, sexually, sensually my partner and I practice tantric disciplines and so we do engage in connection during this time but we focus on the energetics rather than physicality since at this time we are not trying to conceive. Emotionally I feel passionate. My thoughts and feelings are very alive and faith filled. It feels as if I am living my dreams, very little distinction between waking life and dreamspace. Deep appreciation is present in being during this time, I am in awe, ecstatic, and instinctual. I am very receptive to others states of being and can absorb their frequencies into me and just as easily allow them to flow back outward to their source. I am mother and mothered. Spiritually I am harmonious, I am pleasure, I do not deny myself anything.}

During Ovulation we are biologically sprung and yearning to unite  - this is an excellent time to connect to these creative energetics and channel them into art, writing, dance, music, cooking....whatever fulfills you and brings joy into life, or if you are ready it is the moment to connect with your partner in the most deliciously mysterious co-creative journey of the two becoming three . (Literally as in baby or in same sex relationships nurturing that third force that is born from the union of two) 

Days 17-28 (or the remaining days until you bleed again) You are in your Luteal Phase of the Ovarian Cycle, (Unless you are pregnant) The Corpus Luteum which means 'yellow mass' temporarily produces high levels of progesterone which stimulates the uterine lining to thicken in preparation for a fertilized egg to implant, however if the egg is not fertilized hormone production will be shut down and after about 10 days the Corpus Luteum will have become scar tissue that is to be released during Menstruation along with the build up of the uterine lining. 

{Energetically I am winding down from high charge of physical activity, but with just as much charge I am activating into the inner realms, the night. I spend my time weaving, painting, singing, making medicine. My energy is erotic, I notice during this time I am very appealing to people, there is an air of mystery around me. I am up to something. Emotionally  I am feeling it all. Pleasure and aversion. I am the tides of the ocean swelling and receding. I notice a lot comes up surrounding self-worth, timing, and integrity. I can see my power to manipulate, control, or destroy and I realize that this is nature too, so I dive into my practices to guide this energy wisely. This is also a time when I grieve the pain that I have from my present lifetime and that which I am in connection to via bloodlines and lineage. Spiritually this is a time when I am most psychic, my dreams are prophetic, after logging them for a few years I see how so many of them have 'come true'. I also see how the things that I am not quite able to identify within myself, crucial to my evolution reveal themselves through my art and in the dream world. I am with KaliMaa during this time, acknowledging rejection, pain, violence and allowing it to course through me.}

So... PMS .... to dispel some of the stereotypes and misconceptions its important to understand that women are not plagued with a syndrome, folks who bleed are living within a global culture that is so disconnected from the Sacred Sacral Cycle of Menstruation that basic information about what is going physiologically/hormonally is unknown to the average person, much less is there an instilled sense of reverence and respect for this process. 

I encourage everyone to begin mapping their cycles. Take notes on your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual states during the different phases so you can see when you are most vulnerable, sensitive, empowered, energized and inspired. With this greater awareness of how we behave and feel during different times of the month we can make informed decisions about how, where and with who we engage our energy. 

I have created a Sacral Cycles Printable Coloring Book  that you can purchase for $2.00 with invitations to map your cycle and express creatively by coloring illustrations that I drew during my personal cycle mapping.  I invite everyone who purchases to take an image of their coloring/painting and send it back to so we can create a collective archive of the diversity of expressions during these universal experiences. 

I will soon be expanding on the archetypes and phases of the moon as they relate to Sacral Cycles, as well as creating an Anatomy Coloring Book -

My intention with sharing all of this is that all who read feel inspired to tap into the well of their exquisite power. That all who read have more information on the cycles of their bodies and continue to research and explore as feels natural. That all who read this realize that beyond feeling a personal, individual benefit from this we are co-weaving a stronger matrix of conscious, vital and coherent individuals harmonized with earth wisdom. 

Many Blessings

- MaaMariaa