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Join us for a full day of XOCOLATL SAMAI

Xocolatl is Nahuatl for Chocolate or Cacao and Samai is Quechua for Breath, Spirit or Soul.

We will start off the morning workshop with Daniela, who wil lead us through connecting with the Ancestral Tradition of Cacao. Ever wondered how cacao becomes chocolate?
We will roast, peel and prepare a delicious, nourish, oxygenating Xocolatl recipe.

We will start promptly at 10AM and will end at 1PM

The Energy Exchange for this portion of the day is $33.00

We then invite you to join us for evening of Samai, oxygenating our bodies with fresh cacao, prepared in the morning, then move into breathing through the elements in our bodies to connect, purify, nourish, regenerate and vibrate in gratitude. Our bodies are made of the same elements as the planet we live on, as we honor and re-inspire the elements within us we become channels of healing for our world.

Please come in comfortable clothing, something you can move around freely in.

Come prepared with:

-Water Bottle
-Blanket if you like to cover yourself during meditations

The event will last until around 8PM

Energy Exchange for this portion of the day is $33.00

More information will stream through @herban.cura


Address & further details will be sent upon registration. 

*No one will be turned away for lack of funds*

If you choose to attend both the Energy Exchange is $55.00

Venmo @AntoniaEstelaPerez

or Pay in Cash the day of.

Later Event: April 18