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Beautiful World of Mushrooms & Fungi For food, medicine, survival and cultivation

This is a 5 part mushroom intensive, each class focuses and uses the information given from the previous. We will meet once a month starting in May-September (except August). Those who are registering we ask that you commit to all 5 classes.

Class II : Love + Power of Medicinal Mushrooms  with Simple Preparations (3-3.5 hours) Sunday June 30

Explore the deep history humans have with medicinal mushrooms & their power to heal. Identifying uses, and ways to prepare them.  We will demonstrate the vast options and diversity of properties within just a handful of selected varieties. This evening we will serve a flight of various teas to really get a feel of their energetics and flavor complexes.  Becoming familiar with our healing allies, Turkey Tail, Reishi, Chaga and others. We talk step by step, the methods of extraction for use and preference of compounds desired, and resources available. Together we will discuss sustainability and sourcing surrounding this growing field of natural healthcare. Everyone will be making their first part to an 8 oz. double-extracted Reishi tincture, to then take home to complete at a later date.