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Beautiful World of Mushrooms & Fungi For food, medicine, survival and cultivation

This is a 5 part mushroom intensive, each class focuses and uses the information given from the previous. We will meet once a month starting in May-September (except August). Those who are registering we ask that you commit to all 5 classes.

Class V: Basic cultivation for Urban Living (2.5 hours) September date TBD

Learn some basic methods for growing mushrooms in your garden or indoors. We will explain direct methods of cultivation & substrate formulation. Setting up labs, fruiting rooms and other small, DIY, grow spaces, indoors for year round production. Discussing the benefits and setbacks of indoor & outdoor production. We will visualize was it looks like to creating myco-communities by growing and sharing the uses of fungi and mushrooms to better create networks and consistent growth of health, sustenance & sovereignty. Everyone goes home with their own mushroom spawn starter to begin growing oyster & wine cap mushrooms.