Birth Doula Support

We offer labor support for every type of birth. We have experience in all birthing environments: homes, birth centers, and hospitals. As your doula we offer non-judgement based support to guide and nourish you through your birth preferences and outcomes.

We are trained in basic labor support, including acupressure, massage, aromatherapy, positioning, breathing techniques and more. We offer hypnobirthing support for people who choose to birth using the Mongan method.

Our services include:

One or two prenatal visits, where we will go over herbs, nutrition, birth preferences and more

Continous labor support 

One post-partum visit

We believe that doula support should be available for those who want it. We offer our services through a sliding scale system. Our rates are 300$-800$. If this range is unaffordable for you, we are happy to figure out what can work.