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Wild Bread: Sour dough

In this skill share we will enter an in-depth exploration of all things grain and fermentation. We will explore the different grains and their properties, how to incorporate it into your daily life even when you’re pressed for time, and how it can dramatically improve your health, as proven by both traditional and scientific research.

              We will begin this journey by honoring our ingredients, through learning about different kinds of grains found around the world and locally, their properties and histories, as well as the growing, harvesting and processing practices. When plants are taken out of their traditional contexts and into a mass produced and commercialized product, for example wheat we see the destructive repercussions that it can have on land and the body. This skill share aims to learn about this ancient grain from its traditional usage in order to better understand how to be in relationship with it.

Finally, we will learn about how fermentation of grains and legumes have sustained us for millennia, and how they can continue to do so in our modern lives. These are concepts and methods you will be able to take into your kitchen, your diet, and your culture.

We will make:  Sourdough Loaves, Sourdough Flatbread, Sourdough Cookies


Ava Zarich is a practitioner of health, in academics, by profession, and in daily life. She is influenced by generations of folk medicine and sustainable agriculture in her Croatian family, and the progressive yet culturally inclusive approaches towards health in her hometown of San Francisco and her longtime home of New York. She is both student and teacher of community health, traditional nutrition, agriculture, and all things that bring power and self-sufficiency into the hands of communities that need it most. She believes that bringing health to individuals and their communities is a potent form of resistance and one small step of many needed to heal our planet. Most importantly, she believes all individuals deserve the right to enjoy their lives, the delicious food we’ve been blessed with, and the healing benefits of food cooked with culture, curiosity, and love.

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