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GIRI GIRI Waist beads

  • 159-34 Riverside Drive West New York, NY, 10032 United States (map)

Waistbeads have been worn in our civilizations for some time now, dating as far back as the 15th century, if not longer. They are worn as a symbol of femininity and sensuality. The waist beads protect and embrace the womb bringing more awareness to the wearer of the magical energies their womb holds. Some people even use the beads as a weight measure, keeping track of when the beads tighten or loosen, therefore giving one more awareness of their own fluctuating flow.

In this Skill Share we will Create waistbeads of our own, taking the time to meditate on what we truly need so that we can then begin  to weave  in those  magical manifestations . We will work with color healing , expressing how different colors make us feel and what colors we need now to strengthen our center.

The color meaning of a waist bead varies from culture to culture, but the significance is considered very important and powerful in many African communities. Colors play very important roles in all of our lives. Everyone will be free to create as many waist beads as they please during the period of the class, and will receive the information on where to get these materials for themselves if they wished to create more. All bead colors and materials will be provided openly communal style,  but if anyone wants to bring additional special beads, personal precious stones, shells, or whatever else to weave in, that is more than welcome. Traditionally waist-beads are created to be worn at all times until they fall off after serving their purpose.

This is a class where we will really take self love to the next level, taking that time to focus on ourselves, what our body is saying, listening  to what it is that we need to heal, to shine, and to manifest our realities. We will mix this all into these beads that will embrace our womb in all it's moon phases. Sharing space and exchanging energies as we work empowering our womanly bond. The energy that we radiate while we create this precious gift for ourselves will hold that power to uplift us higher.


Nkoula Badila ~*~ A multidisciplinary artist born of Congolese traditions in New york. Nkoula's Father was the Founder of the first National Ballet of Kongo, "Ballet Nkodia" , travailing the world with her Mother sharing Kongos Beauty. Nkoula's Parents met in Paris and 8 Babies later, they Birthed Nkoula. Naturally she grew up performing these Traditional songs and dances with her family and from that influence she fell in love with the beaded adornments they performed with." Its so warm and vibrant like the lands we come from." After traveling throughout Central America solo in 2011 she became amazed by the connection of the colorful beadwork and patterns, and began to teach herself. After the passing of Her father in 2012 She established Nkodia to express her creations and reconnect with the traditions of her ancestors . I chose the name Nkodia in Honor and remembrance of my father . It means the Spiral, or traditional snail. All of life must start at a center point and slowly with patience like the snail, it spirals its way out. Expanding and spreading the enlightenment. Nkoula aims to channel different frequencies in each piece. "It is my meditation. I find peace. And through it I am able to communicate the love and healing powers i want to share with the world.” Nkoula create pieces for people to feel free in their truth and radiate with the colors of their essence. Nkoula also makes Music, Farms, and Teaches African dance classes. She is currently touring with Lady Moon and the Eclipse, a Sisterly Cosmic soul band based in Brooklyn NY. You can find her Adornment creations online at  NokdiaArt

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