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CBD Medicine

Making CBD Medicine knowledge share, facilitated by herbalist, Sarah Wang will cover the basics of using master plant, cannabis sativa, to make oral and topical medicine. In this workshop we will answer some of the following questions and learn the practical application of making this medicine along with proper dosing (amount & frequency) for yourself or loved ones.

-What is CBD?

-What ailments can be treated with this medicine?

-How do our bodies receive and interact with this medicine?

-Topical + oral usage 

-How to measure dosage

-How can we source and make this medicine ourselves?

-How do you make CBD medicine (tincture, oils, edible)




We will go through all the steps of medicine making with a hands on component and medicine to take-away. Feel free to bring a notebook for note taking.

This immersion will be facilitated by Sarah Wang

Sarah Wang is a artist, curator at Disclaimer Gallery and practicing herbalist who has been working with cannabis as medicine for the last 8 years. She makes healing oral and topical medicine for her CBD/THC line called MU Healing and a small batch pepper sauce for her all-natural sauce company, Wang Sauce. She is a photographer who works in documentary photography, collaborating with subjects to tell their stories. She’s an Aries sun + moon + mercury, Aquarius rising with lots of Capricorn mixed in there. 

Later Event: May 25
Ghee: Golden Medicine