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Join us for 3 hours of conversation and hands on miso preparation in community

Herban Cura is honored to invite Fumiha Tanaka to facilitate a skill share on the traditions and preparation of MISO. Fumiha born and raised in Japan grew up drinking Miso and considers it to be a Japanese soul food. For the past 7 years Fumiha has been making their own miso and is inspired to share with community the stories that come along with preparing miso.

Buying miso in the store can be expensive and often times not be as medicinal as if you were to make it yourself. To know how to make your own miso, will not only help you save on money, but will also provide you with a powerful source of probiotics.

Fumiha writes, “to me, making miso is a kind of a ceremony. I like to make them with friends and family, because they are alive so they listen to our laughs and feel our hands while we are mixing. It is a relationship I create with food and people around me. Every miso I make tastes different because I don’t have closed up temperature regulated space as Miso factory has. They become my roommate for 6 months, and they see all my life. Everybody’s miso taste different, and that’s the beauty of “homemade.” Our life and love gets infused in Miso. Sometimes they taste so sweet and mild, sometimes they taste really salty! They all taste really good though. I love giving my miso away as a gift because they are an extension of me that spreads the love I carry. “

In this class, you will learn how to make miso at home WITHOUT using plastic., instead we will use glass jars, a glass weight and beeswax wrap in order to be mindful to the earth and our bodies.

We will also cover how to make Miso soup, apply Miso in different recipes, as well as using Koji (Aspergillus oryzae) in a variety of recipes. In addtion here will be a tasting of different types of Miso that contain different beans.

Take Away

  • 8oz Jar of Miso to be your room-mate for 6 months

  • Reusable Beeswax wrap

  • Glass fermentation weight

  • The knowledge to make your own MISO and all of the ingredients to make it in the future

  • Resources to support you MISO making experience

  • Learn the history and traditions of MISO

  • Different ingredients that can be used for making miso

This skill share will be facilitated by Fumiha Tanaka

Fumiha Tanaka is an Artist, Reiki practitioner and Herbalist who grew up in Japan, Indonesia, and Singapore. She landed on USA when she decided to study art. Currently, she lives, creates and studies plant language in Brooklyn NY. She loves to connect with elements of nature and have conversation with dreams. To learn more HERE

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