HERBAN CURA evolved from the acknowledgement that the urban landscape can be taxing on our physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Our response to this urban disconnect is to provide inclusive spaces of healing, learning, and collaboration. We make these spaces accessible to varying communities in New York City by offering sliding scale pricing and hosting gatherings in every borough.  

As healers we observe an inherent integrity present in Nature. In natural systems there is no waste. Difference enriches landscapes and abundance surges forth from simplicity. We aim to support the process of awakening these values in our Urban World.




Herban Cura aims to guide an open-source, radical movement towards societal regeneration. We open spaces through our gatherings and workshops - which allow for deep and honest communication with each other and ourselves. We know that by simply coming together to move, breathe, share, make medicine and create, we are planting the alternatives to uproot the systems that oppress us all.

Our current system of healthcare does not make space for holistic and complete approaches to healing. We instead turn to our ancestral traditions to remind us of how our bodies are systems and not parts, and that these systems are not solely ours, but run through all creatures, plants, elements, and particles on this earth.  


Herban Cura is part of a rising cultural shift away from systems of oppression and towards the cultivation of communities grounded in healing and regeneration. We aim to bring people together in ways that encourage communities of healing to flourish.

Our vision begins with individual healing and empowerment, as we heal our own depths, transformation spreads outwards towards our communities. We see self-care as the seedling that creates lasting change in the world and ourselves.







Our system of capitalism, rooted in industry, commodity, and insecurity tricks us into believing that we are something separate from nature. We are taught to believe that nature is something to be controlled and admired (from a distance). We know that we are not separate from nature, but that we are nature.

This disconnection is often felt within urban environments like New York City. We believe that if we learn our ancestral healing traditions (that colonization seeks to destroy), the ecology and history of the land we live in, and our bodies, we can re-empower the healer within.



We offer workshops, gatherings, products and services that we believe are necessary for building and supporting our resilience. Our events are open to all but pricing may differ depending on the community we are working within. 

We offer our services and products at a sliding scale to broaden accessibility. We believe that healing is for all and are aware of the social and economic disparity that we exist within. We aim to shift away from this hierarchical paradigm of health towards a community-based form of healing and learning.







Our products are created with the intention to maintain balance in our urban environment. Our tinctures, salves, teas, and oils are all made using herbs and ingredients from people we know, who love the plants, animals and land they care for. This enables us to make our products with the energy, intention, and ability to connect to ourselves and each other. Our aim for social healing has lead us to build a strong network within New York to source our herbs and products.

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